I would like to underline that with my underwater art project I target the opportunity of sharing my vision that underwater world is beautiful and how important it is not only to see this beauty but also to preserve the natural balance in which water and oceans is a crucial part.
Underwater world is unique, mysterious and magnificent. The water sphere is alien for a human. And with the help of underwater painting I would like to draw attention to the purity and beauty of water and nature that surrounds us, but which is humiliated and partly destroyed by a human being. 
Regretfully, when I painted in the Black Sea I saw how polluted it is. This is sad.

It is not only my environmental awareness that moves me. From the artistic point of view it is a serious impact into the development of art. Studying the underwater sphere I explore for myself and others the different laws of perception of sunlight by a human eye. This is a new and unexplored world for artists who paint in air sphere and study laws of refraction of light in the air.

These personal discoveries are seen in artworks, because every scenery is a live impression of an artist who paints en plein air under water.

I would like this innovative approach in art to impact into the understanding of the crucial role of nature in the lives of humans, the role which we often forget behind our civilizational ambitions. 
I would like my skills of the professional artist not only to be used to discover and show the beauty of seas and oceans, but also to raise awareness about the importance of preserving them for the future of our Earth in general and the generations of the human kind in particular.