Alexander Belozor was born on January 8, 1963. He graduated from the graphic arts department of Odessa Pedagogical Institute (best thesis work). 
Alexander is the first artist who began to paint under water in the CIS countries. He works in different genres of painting, participated in many art and special exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.
Lives and works in Kiev.

In the Red Sea
Alexander Belozor shows his works to
 the Mayor of Kyoto Daisaku Kadokawa

2011, June, "Competition without borders" - winner of the international competition ІІI ICF «Inshe znittia» with the support of UNESCO, the first place.
2010, December 18, Record in the Guinness Book of Records (written work at a depth of 26 meters, 80x100 cm, 40 minutes).
2010, October - was awarded by a star "Credo" for significant contribution to the arts and culture.
2010, September, "Competition without borders" - winner of the contest of the ІІI International ICF «Inshe znittia» with the support of UNESCO, the silver medal.
2010, August 5 - Ukrainian Book of Records, the nomination "Art, for the first time" - the biggest picture painted under the water.
2010, June- II award in the category "Paintings" - I International Plein Air - Competition marine painters artists, Sozopol, Bulgaria.
2009 May - Grand Prize for the best pictorial work at the festival "Silver Shark".
2009 October - curator and organizer of the project "Art-registration" (Kiev).
2004 - Artist of the film "A portrait, painted by depth" - a festival winner film in Antibes (France).

2002, the leading man in the film about the artist A. Bogomazov "Sign of God's spark".Many television programs and documentaries were dedicated to the art of A. Belozor. The works of art of Belozor are located in the collections of: Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Vladimir, Museum of Kyiv - Pechersk Lavra, the collection of collector Igor Dyachenko and other private collections kolektsionerov Ukraine and abroad.

Personal exhibitions:
2011-Simferopol Art Museum
2011-History Museum  of Kiev
2011-Gallery "Ya Gretera"
2009 - The Kyiv City Municipal Gallery "Lavra";
2007 - Kyiv, Gallery "Pecherska";
2005 - Kyiv, Gallery "Pecherska";
2004 - Chernihiv, gallery of "Ukrsotsbank";
2003 - Kyiv, Gallery "Pecherska";
1999 - Kyiv, Gallery "Watercolor";
1997 - Kyiv, Pechersk Lavra;
1997 - Slavutich;
1996 - Chernigov;
1995 - Chernigov.

Ukrainian art exhibitions:
2009 - "Thrust", gallery "Carp" - Kiev;
2009 - Exhibition of Artists Day - Kiev;
2007 - Exhibition of Artists Day - Kiev;
2007 - "Velikoden" - Kiev;
2006 - Exhibition of Artists Day - Kiev;
1999 - "Dyvosvit Ukraine" Gallery "House of Nicholas" - Kiev;
1997 - "900th anniversary of the Congress of Princes in Lyubech" - Slavutich;
1997 - "Meeting of the Council of the European Bank for Reconstruction and
  Development in Kiev "- Kiev;
1995 - "For a world without fascism and extremism" - Kiev;
1995 - "50th Anniversary of Victory" - Kiev;
1995 - "400th Anniversary of the Birth of B. Khmelnitsky" - Kiev;
1994 - "Spring - 94" - Kiev;
1994 - "50th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from fascism" - Kiev;
1993 - "Holodomor - Kiev;
1993 - "Spring - 93" - Kiev;
1993 - "Autumn - 93" - Kiev.

Foreign exhibitions:
1995 - Prague, Czech Republic;
1995 - Paris, France;
1994 - Czech Krumlov, Czech Republic;
1994 - Clausthal - Zellerfeld, Hanover;

Films with the participation of Alexander Belozor:
2009 - The documentary "In Search of Light,"
 channel "Culture", Ukraine;
2004 - The documentary "Pyramids grow in my garden";
2004 - "Portrait painted by depth" (Film - festival winner in Antibes, France);
2003 - The main role of the artist in the movie about O. Bogomazov  "Sign of God's spark", the studio Kievnauchfilm;
1998 - The documentary "Artistic attic of Aleksander Belozor". Studio "Alternative".